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Aamir Ejaz- Corporate leader, Pakistan Telecommunication – PTCL

Corporate is a big world and Amir Ejaz is a big name in this world. Aamir Ejaz is Executive Vice President Carrier & Wholesale at PTCL with over 23 years of experience in the same organization.  Mr. Amir has been inspiring many people for years with his superb leadership qualities, skills and remarkable experience. He is considered as a Hero in the corporate world for achieving a lot in his career. Inspire Zone was fortunate enough to have a quick chat with Mr. Amir Ejaz and we are excited to share what he has to say to us.


1. When did you join PTCL ?

PTCL is my first job which I joined soon after graduating.

2. What was your inspiration behind joining PTCL? Who was your mentor?

Being a young engineering graduate, a government owned telecom giant like PTCL was an obvious choice. Enshrined in a monopolistic and bureaucratic environment, PTCL was a dream destination for the young lot who aspired to have a blend of government job and a career in telecom.

3. Being an Executive leader is not easy, what challenges did you faced in your career? 

PTCL, from being a monopoly and state-owned organization to a dynamic and vibrant corporate entity had to face its due share of challenges. Major challenges were, resistance to change, job insecurity coupled with demotivation and absence of corporate values. My optimism and empathy were the biggest tools to overcome these challenges. I think the government should clearly spell out its policy and vision regarding the telecom sector through optimized spectrum rates, a rational taxation regime and strict Quality of Service parameters and their implementation.

4. What leadership qualities your personality has which makes you successful?

In my opinion, my optimism, positivity and empathy helped me to achieve my objectives in my career.

5. What is a success for you? is it money, freedom or innovation?

Business success is primarily the creation of long-term value for the stakeholders and it can be achieved through win-win collaborations, creativity, innovation and customer delight. At the end of the day for a business, it is the customer who makes it stand out from the rest of the lot.

6. Successful Organizations change the lives of employees, how is PTCL doing that?

PTCL is a national carrier of Pakistan and backbone of the telecom sector. With a footprint from the snow-clad Himalayas to the blue waters of Arabian sea and a broad portfolio of services from basic telephony to cloud based offerings it has touched every segment of society. We are bridging the digital divide in the country enabling empowerment of masses and bringing positive changes in their lifestyles.

7. What are the unique key measures PTCL has adapted?

Our spread and diversity makes us unique and through empowering our regional setups to offer services and packages which correspond to regional and cultural values helped us to stand out from the rest of the lot.

8. What was your biggest success which made you feel really proud?

 I was part of the team which launched and nurtured broadband and Smart TV® in the country through the PTCL platform. That significant contribution despite scarce resources and support makes me feel proud and gives a sense of achievement and accomplishment. Secondly turning around the declining carrier business and reviving certain business streams with the help of a great team is another accomplishment, I can feel proud of.

 9. Do you think work life balance is important?


I don’t find it challenging at all and have very supportive and understanding friends and family.

10. What events have helped you grow as a successful Executive Leader?

I am an avid reader and have interest in current affairs, technology, business and history. I am a regular speaker on national and international forums on multiple topics like telecom. business and digitalization. I am on the panel of major global telecom event management companies like Informa, Terrapin and Knect365 and regularly invited as a speaker on events internationally.

11. What CSR activities PTCL is implementing under your leadership to make the country better?

PTCL is not behind other players when it comes to CSR activities. PTCL Razakar is an initiative through which we contribute towards poverty alleviation, literacy, spreading smiles and extending healthcare to the underserved areas.

12. How you dealt with covid 19 challenges in your organization?

COVID-19 has adversely affected businesses across the globe and we are no exception. Declining sales and challenges in customer support owing to lockdowns and social distancing have seriously hampered our business operations. Despite the fact, our workforce is optimistic and energetic keeping the nation connected in this time of crisis.

13. Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years?

By the will of Allah, I see myself one slot above or alternately an entrepreneur.

14. Guidelines for new talents in the industry?

I think positivity, smart work and perseverance are basic ingredients of success. Additionally, continued learning and sharpening the saw will keep oneself engaged and motivated towards one’s goal achievement.


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The Freestyle Queen- Aguska

Born and raised in Poland and now based in London Aguśka Mnich is a two-time world and European freestyle football champion and dreams of one day competing in the Olympics if the sport ever becomes an Olympic discipline.As well as her freestyle football titles, she has also worked with a number of major sports companies and organisations including Uefa, Fifa, Adidas, Nike, Orange and Three UK.

Aguska Mnich


1. When did you start your career as a sports woman?


I started it almost 7 years back.


2. Please tell us about major event participations, achievement, medals, awards you achieved?


I won the world championship 2018 and 2019,  European champion 2017 and 19.  I have even been doing halftime shows for Indian super league for 3 months (2018).  Half time show in the Chelsea stadium and few Adverts for Nike, Adidas and  British got talent etc


3. How many times have you represented your country?


I have represented my Homeland for about four times till now. Once in 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2019


4. Your training & workout schedule?


First I do Morning pre-workout between 7 am 8 am then I go for my freestyle session which is between 10-1pm for (3-4 h a day) 6 days a week.


5. What best practices for training would you like to recommend?


Firstly work on your body to have strong muscle, you really don’t need to go to a gym you can even workout from home. Then try Freestyle, start from kick ups and then go for easy tricks like around the world or cross over.

Aguska Mnich


6. What Diet plan would you recommend to remain fit and maintain stamina?


For 4 years I have been a vegetarian.  After watching “game changer “I decided to be vegan. At the moment I am more vegetarian than vegan but still I would love to recommend eating a lot of fruits, veggies, nuts, proteins and drink a lot of water.


7. How do you balance between your personal and athlete life?


That’s a very good question.  It’s not always easy especially when I travel a lot.  But freestyle is my life and the gift from God so I need to take care of this as much as I can so basically at the moment I am living 2 in 1 which means I need to do daily trainings plus treatments / recovery  and rest of the day the different  things like improving myself and living best I can.


8. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?


I would love to see myself in freestyle football on the Olympic stage. I guess maybe in 5 -10 years this will happen.


9. Please tell us about your few hobbies.


My 1st love was volleyball. I played it for 3 years in the club, after I found freestyle until now it’s my passion. I love to do different things all the time like Table tennis, billiard (pool), slacklining, and wall climbing


10. What suggestions, recommendations and tips you would like to give to young emerging talents, footballers in your field.


To never give up. At the beginning it’s difficult but with time what is your struggle right now, would be your warming up in future. Everyone starts from the beginning, even CR7. So guys big dream “to those who believe everything is possible “

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The Super Talented Anchor, Mehak Aslam.

Mehak Aslam is a young, beautiful and charming female news anchor and broadcast journalist. She is among one of the most beautiful and stylish female news anchors in Pakistan. Mehak started her journalism career from City42 News Channel and now she is one of the known female anchors of Pakistan and currently working with Samaa Tv as a prime time anchor.

Mehak Aslam 2


1. Did you always know you’d become a journalist or were you attracted towards it?


I never thought that I’ll become a journalist someday. I was more focused towards Fine Arts rather than Journalism, i did an internship in the  Year 2015 in City42 and that was the time when i realised journalism can be my career.


2. Did you face any difficulties r in your career of being a news anchor?


Well difficulties are part of every job, no matter whatever field we choose, struggle is a must but  if I talk specifically about my career Alhumdulilah I didn’t face such difficulties to be remembered.


3. Did all the news you always read made any negative impact on your mental state?


Yes, in the beginning these negative news used to affect me alot but sooner and later I was used to them.

Mehak Aslam 3


4. Any funny incident while reading a news that still makes you laugh?


Yes, there are so many things happening while we are doing our bulletins especially when our politicians give some funny statements On Air but one incident I still remember is that I had to read that  Sheikh Rasheed was riding a motorbike and running on the streets of Rawalpindi.


5. Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Well 10 Years is a long period, I’ll be hosting some morning show or something like an Infotainment type show.


6. What do you enjoy the most about being an anchor?


As an anchor the thing I loved the most is that I’m always updating people with the current news and affairs and people regarding news & current affairs.


7. What is your advice to people who want to step in this field?

There is no shortcut in this field above all shortcuts are temporary and struggle is something that will make you succeed so keep trying until you stand there where you always wanted.


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I was overjoyed to see the high trees that denoted the object of my search

When the amphitheater had cleared I crept stealthily to the top and as the great excavation lay far from the plaza and in an untenanted portion of the great dead city I had little trouble in reaching the hills beyond.

For two days I waited there for Kantos Kan, but as he did not come I started off on foot in a northwesterly direction toward a point where he had told me lay the nearest waterway. My only food consisted of vegetable milk from the plants which gave so bounteously of this priceless fluid. Continue Reading

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Nothing can prepare you for driving a Mercedes-AMG GT (Review)

We camped that night at the foot of the hills we had been approaching for two days and which marked the southern boundary of this particular sea. Our animals had been two days without drink, nor had they had water for nearly two months, not since shortly after leaving Thark; but, as Tars Tarkas explained to me, they require but little and can live almost indefinitely upon the moss which covers Barsoom, and which, he told me, holds in its tiny stems sufficient moisture to meet the limited demands of the animals. Continue Reading

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But the captain, having some unusual reason for believing that rare good luck

For my humor’s sake, I shall preserve the style in which I once narrated it at Lima, to a lounging circle of my Spanish friends, one saint’s eve, smoking upon the thick-gilt tiled piazza of the Golden Inn. Of those fine cavaliers, the young Dons, Pedro and Sebastian, were on the closer terms with me; and hence the interluding questions they occasionally put, and which are duly answered at the time.

“Some two years prior to my first learning the events which I am about rehearsing to you, gentlemen, the Town-Ho, Sperm Whaler of Nantucket, was cruising in your Pacific here, not very many days’ sail eastward from the eaves of this good Golden Inn. Continue Reading

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Post with link to elsewhere

But what thinks Lazarus? Can he warm his blue hands by holding them up to the grand northern lights? Would not Lazarus rather be in Sumatra than here? Would he not far rather lay him down lengthwise along the line of the equator; yea, ye gods! go down to the fiery pit itself, in order to keep out this frost?

Now, that Lazarus should lie stranded there on the curbstone before the door of Dives, this is more wonderful than that an iceberg should be moored to one of the Moluccas. Yet Dives himself, he too lives like a Czar in an ice palace made of frozen sighs, and being a president of a temperance society, he only drinks the tepid tears of orphans.” Continue Reading

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Other poets have warbled the praises of the soft eye of the antelope

Still, we can hypothesize, even if we cannot prove and establish. My hypothesis is this: that the spout is nothing but mist. And besides other reasons, to this conclusion I am impelled, by considerations touching the great inherent dignity and sublimity of the Sperm Whale; I account him no common, shallow being, inasmuch as it is an undisputed fact that he is never found on soundings, or near shores; all other whales sometimes are. Continue Reading

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With 624bhp, the new RR Wraith is the most powerful Rolls…in the world

Images Credit And as I grasped it did I think of what it meant to the human race of Pellucidar—did there flash through my mind the thought that countless generations of my own kind yet unborn would have reason to worship me for the thing that I had accomplished for them? I did not. I thought of a beautiful oval face, gazing out of limpid eyes, through a waving mass of jet-black hair. I thought of red, red lips, God-made for kissing. And of a sudden, apropos of nothing, standing there alone in the secret chamber of the Mahars of Pellucidar, I realized that I loved Dian the Beautiful.

For an instant I stood there thinking of her, and then, with a sigh, I tucked the book in the thong that supported my loin cloth, and turned to leave the apartment. At the bottom of the corridor which leads aloft from the lower chambers I whistled in accordance with the prearranged signal which was to announce to Perry and Ghak that I had been successful. A moment later they stood beside me, and to my surprise I saw that Hooja the Sly One accompanied them. Continue Reading

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Bugatti saleswoman sells 11 Veyrons worth more than £13m in just one year!

‘Come, my head’s free at last!’ said Alice in a tone of delight, which changed into alarm in another moment, when she found that her shoulders were nowhere to be found: all she could see, when she looked down, was an immense length of neck, which seemed to rise like a stalk out of a sea of green leaves that lay far below her. What CAN all that green stuff be?’ said Alice. ‘And where HAVE my shoulders got to? And oh, my poor hands, how is it I can’t see you?’ She was moving them about as she spoke, but no result seemed to follow, except a little shaking among the distant green leaves.

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