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Corporate is a big world and Amir Ejaz is a big name in this world. Aamir Ejaz is Executive Vice President Carrier & Wholesale at PTCL with over 23 years of experience in the same organization.  Mr. Amir has been inspiring many people for years with his superb leadership qualities, skills and remarkable experience. He is considered as a Hero in the corporate world for achieving a lot in his career. Inspire Zone was fortunate enough to have a quick chat with Mr. Amir Ejaz and we are excited to share what he has to say to us.


1. When did you join PTCL ?

PTCL is my first job which I joined soon after graduating.

2. What was your inspiration behind joining PTCL? Who was your mentor?

Being a young engineering graduate, a government owned telecom giant like PTCL was an obvious choice. Enshrined in a monopolistic and bureaucratic environment, PTCL was a dream destination for the young lot who aspired to have a blend of government job and a career in telecom.

3. Being an Executive leader is not easy, what challenges did you faced in your career? 

PTCL, from being a monopoly and state-owned organization to a dynamic and vibrant corporate entity had to face its due share of challenges. Major challenges were, resistance to change, job insecurity coupled with demotivation and absence of corporate values. My optimism and empathy were the biggest tools to overcome these challenges. I think the government should clearly spell out its policy and vision regarding the telecom sector through optimized spectrum rates, a rational taxation regime and strict Quality of Service parameters and their implementation.

4. What leadership qualities your personality has which makes you successful?

In my opinion, my optimism, positivity and empathy helped me to achieve my objectives in my career.

5. What is a success for you? is it money, freedom or innovation?

Business success is primarily the creation of long-term value for the stakeholders and it can be achieved through win-win collaborations, creativity, innovation and customer delight. At the end of the day for a business, it is the customer who makes it stand out from the rest of the lot.

6. Successful Organizations change the lives of employees, how is PTCL doing that?

PTCL is a national carrier of Pakistan and backbone of the telecom sector. With a footprint from the snow-clad Himalayas to the blue waters of Arabian sea and a broad portfolio of services from basic telephony to cloud based offerings it has touched every segment of society. We are bridging the digital divide in the country enabling empowerment of masses and bringing positive changes in their lifestyles.

7. What are the unique key measures PTCL has adapted?

Our spread and diversity makes us unique and through empowering our regional setups to offer services and packages which correspond to regional and cultural values helped us to stand out from the rest of the lot.

8. What was your biggest success which made you feel really proud?

 I was part of the team which launched and nurtured broadband and Smart TV® in the country through the PTCL platform. That significant contribution despite scarce resources and support makes me feel proud and gives a sense of achievement and accomplishment. Secondly turning around the declining carrier business and reviving certain business streams with the help of a great team is another accomplishment, I can feel proud of.

 9. Do you think work life balance is important?


I don’t find it challenging at all and have very supportive and understanding friends and family.

10. What events have helped you grow as a successful Executive Leader?

I am an avid reader and have interest in current affairs, technology, business and history. I am a regular speaker on national and international forums on multiple topics like telecom. business and digitalization. I am on the panel of major global telecom event management companies like Informa, Terrapin and Knect365 and regularly invited as a speaker on events internationally.

11. What CSR activities PTCL is implementing under your leadership to make the country better?

PTCL is not behind other players when it comes to CSR activities. PTCL Razakar is an initiative through which we contribute towards poverty alleviation, literacy, spreading smiles and extending healthcare to the underserved areas.

12. How you dealt with covid 19 challenges in your organization?

COVID-19 has adversely affected businesses across the globe and we are no exception. Declining sales and challenges in customer support owing to lockdowns and social distancing have seriously hampered our business operations. Despite the fact, our workforce is optimistic and energetic keeping the nation connected in this time of crisis.

13. Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years?

By the will of Allah, I see myself one slot above or alternately an entrepreneur.

14. Guidelines for new talents in the industry?

I think positivity, smart work and perseverance are basic ingredients of success. Additionally, continued learning and sharpening the saw will keep oneself engaged and motivated towards one’s goal achievement.


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